One Platform for Sunday School Management

The Future of Sunday School

One App for Everyone

Connecting Priests, Servants, Kids and Parents in one App for all


Grow your ministries and Stay connected to everyone


Experience Sunday School in new ways and track weekly missions and duties.


Manage your classes and obtain invaluable resources


Follow Up attendance and visits for your ministry classes

Top Content Providers

Sons of Light affiliates and brings together rich Coptic Orthodox Content from Top content providers that are focused on Kids

Variety of Mediums

Authorized Sunday School Curriculum, Media and content focused on Servants and kids


Hundreds of lessons for all school grades from Certified Curriculums.


Tailored Missions designed for each grade. Lesson Missions and Spiritual Missions.


Pick suitable Media for Servants and for Kids to enjoy during the week after class

Mixed Reality

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Christian Content - Coming Soon


Class management for Servants, Engaging Activities and Gamification for Kids, Follow-up for Leaders, Reporting for Priests and connectivity for everyone

  • Build Ministry structure

  • Assign Servants and Kids to classes

  • Prepare weekly lessons, missions and duties

  • Give kids progressive missions throughout the week

  • Seasonal and gradual Spiritual duties tailored to each grade

  • Variety of Lessons content

  • Attendance for Kids and Servants

  • Record Visits for Kids

  • Review Kids Activities

  • Review lesson preparation by Leaders

  • Automatic Reminders for lesson preparation, etc...

  •  Attendance  Reports by class, Ministry, Church

  • Activity Reports by class

  • Reward Kids with points for completing their missions

  • Recognize Kids with Badges for their achievements

  • Increase competition with class leader boards.


  • All churches and dioceses are connected on the same network

  • Servants and Kids can belong to multiple churches

  • Works on Web, Android, iOS, Phones and Tablets

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