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Launching Sons of Light in Alexandria during 100 Years Sunday School Celebrations in Biblioteca Alexandria.
25th July,2018

THE SEED - 2018

Coptic Sons of Light was born in early 2018 as an idea in Alexandria, prior to celebrations of 100 Years of Sunday School across Egypt.

A committee was formed and the project was presented as a gift to His Holiness Pope Todros II during the July 25, 2018 celebrations

His Holiness gave his blessing by launching the project during the event.


A year later, after the roll-out of the project in Alexandria, there were many requests to launch it in many other Churches outside Alexandria, inside and outside Egypt.

The committee assigned the Software Company that built the initial project to take it to the next step.

Known for its long and trusted track record in Church Management Software, Innuva IT Solutions was very excited to take on this new challenge, this massive opportunity to bring its technology and experience to a global level.


Coptic Sons of Light is on a mission to build a unique, modern and unified platform for the Sunday School ecosystem globally, connecting all Coptic churches, servants, and children. As well as augmenting their spiritual experience and knowledge in ways never used before.

iNNUVA-2016-LOGO (3).png

About Innuva IT Solutions

Innuva IT Solutions was established in 2010 and is a well-known software house in Alexandria, Egypt.

Innuva built a suite of solutions for the Coptic Church throughout the past 10 years. Innuva considers itself an expert in Church Management Software.


Church Membership Platform

Running successfully for over a decade, Church Membership Platform touches the lives of every Coptic Member in Alexandria, Egypt.

Whether you need to issue or print a baptism certificate, Marriage certificate, Marriage permit certificate, all Official Coptic paperwork is issued through Church Membership Platform.

You can also make a church reservation for Marriage or Engagement.

Hundreds of thousands of Coptic Members benefit from this platform which also manages family trees and other data to make it easier to extend the platform for every Coptic related service.

Coptic Planner

The ultimate productivity tool for today’s busy servants. volunteers and coordinators.

Packed with features to boost productivity and planning each Sunday School day and Retreats.

Available as iOS and Android apps for Servants only (Not for students), to plan lessons and event, track attendance, and to easily communicate with other planners.


Confession App

Confession App is in the hands of All priests in Alexandria, Egypt. A powerful tool allowing them to find all Coptic Members in their Church, schedule confessions, take notes, follow up and update their information.

Confession App is an extension to the Church Membership Platform, connecting to its extensive database. Priests can use GPS and Maps to find confessors in the nearby areas. They can also generate useful reports. 

Confession App is a very smart personal assistant to Priests, helping them organize their confessions and be more efficient and save their busy schedules.

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